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Build Better Contact Center Applications


Realize Rapid, Measurable ROI 


RiverStar 's Contact Center Applications improve your customer interactions and directly impacts key metrics that make your operations more efficient, more effective, and produce rapid ROI.  Technology, Customer Service, or Operations teams leverage RiverStar solutions to:

  • Decrease project and campaign implementation costs by 50%
  • Decrease agent training time by 50%
  • Decrease application development costs by 40%
  • Decrease call center campaign modification time by 40%
  • Increase agent productivity by 35%
  • Increase conversion rates by 25%
  • Increase FCR (First Call Resolution) by 20%
  • Reduce AHT (Average Handle Time) by 10% or more


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With RiverStar, Your Customers Win Too.

RiverStar drives a process-based approach to customer interactions. Call it customer experience, call it customer service, call it customer satisfaction; the bottom line is that your customers have expectations.

  • “I wasn’t asked to repeat information…”
  • “My issue was resolved on the first attempt…”
  • “I was provided with the right information at the right time in the interaction…”
  • “The agent didn’t waste my time…”

Let's talk about ways we can help your customers' win too.